Cobra Group is a big BAD Pyramid Scheme.

Cobra Group is a big BAD Pyramid Scheme.
- COBRA group and their swedish branch the B.A.D. corporation.

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A couple of weeks ago while I was out walking the streets of my hometown Lund in Sweden I was approached by a young woman. She was very polite and started asking me questions about my current situation. Since I am currently looking for a part time job I told her just that. She told me that her employer was currently hiring. The name of the company was BAD corporation. She said she knew nothing about the job, except that it was some form of salesjob. The name got to me a little, but somehow it made me interested and I decided to give her my number and my name and told her she could have her employer call me.
I was contacted via phone a few days later and I once again asked what kind of a job it was. All she knew was that it was a salesjob. Whatever, I thought, and accepted the interview. At first I wasn't sure I found the right place, since there was no sign at the door, but just when I had turned, going downstairs a polish worker opened the door and told me to come in.
I was asked to sit down and fill in a form about me, my aspirations and so on. After that i was interviewed by the boss. She told me that Badcorp was part of the Cobra Group; a giant organization including more than 700 offices around the world. They where a seroius organization and they sold only the most popular and serious brands. Their client in Sweden is Tele 2.
Everything went well at the interview and the next day i got a call inviting me to a "trialday". The trial day concisted of me touring the streets with the girl that first confronted me and she was now going to be my "leader" or "managment leader". A bit strange concidering she told me she did NOT know what kind of a job it was to start of with!?! Of course she knew. I was to be her apprentice and she was to collect provision from me as did the ones above her make money from her sales. I learned that when you make 800 Sek, roughly 100 $ you advance to the second level out of five, which means, get this; you are to find three apprentices. Its a classic. When I came home that day the thougts where spinning in my head and I decided to do a background check on the company before joining them. If there is something I am good at it to google it! Here is some of what i found:
They thrive of of a constant stream of underpaid salesmen and women overflooding the market and the only ones who can "make a living" by doing this are the ones on top of the pyramid.
The day after the trial day the called me to inform me that I got the job. And I said thank you. However, when the first day of work came I woke up a whitle before the training day with the big boss started shut the phone of and went back to sleep. Wonderful.